PROJECT  "MAKEOVER with Bogomolov’ Image School"
Works by Konstantin Bogomolov’s students
Transforming the appearance and style of the clients, performed by the students of the International Education Centre "Bogomolov' Image School"
Image design: Anna Dyubar, Olga Tatura, Olga Afinogenova ("Bogomolov’ Image School", 2014)
Hairstyle: Liana Kolesnikova
Makeup: Nina Velichko
Manicure: Ole House Training Centre (Saint Petersburg)
Photo: Aleksandr Kroft (LeonaStage Studio, Saint Petersburg)
Project head: Evita Ormane (Riga)
Project partner: "Между нами, женщинами" magazine (Moscow)




Oksana, 40 years old, chief accountant (Saint Petersburg, 2014)

Publications in magazines:
"Les Nouvelles Esthétiques" (Moscow), No.3/2015
"Season of Beauty" (Saint Petersburg), No.3/2015
"Your Hair" (Kyiv), No.4/2015
"Между нами, женщинами" (Moscow), No.19/2015
"Телесемь" (Saint Petersburg), No.41/2014

Web publications: