Konstantin Bogomolov, Dr. sc. ing., image designer and fashion analyst, head master of the International Education Centre "Bogomolov’ Image School", author of numerous educational works on the theory and practice of image design (Riga, Latvia)

Bogomolov's name is well known to any person even slightly interested in fashion, as Konstantin is a recognized authority in his profession. His opinion is considered valuable not only on topics of style and fashion, but also on different life issues. Konstantin possesses qualities, such as serious fundamental education, broad mind and knowledge. He has an Engineering Science Doctorate degree in clothing technology and design and has been given numerous courses on culture and art history, psychology, Public Relations, etc. He has worked at Riga Technical University, at St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, at Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design.

Back in the early 90's Konstantin was one of the first specialists to start developing a then new direction of image design. Immediately it aroused great interest, both in society and media. Time and authority that Konstantin gained in this field have confirmed the practicability and relevance of the chosen direction. His professional experience includes writing articles and handling photo stories for fashion magazines, preparing TV programs about style and fashion, working as an image consultant in beauty salons, cooperating with model agencies, preparing fashion shows, developing style for individual clients. Konstantin Bogomolov is deservedly considered stylist No.1 in Latvia.

Nevertheless, Konstantin is most famous for his activities as an educator and fashion analyst. His seminars provide a unique opportunity to learn how to find one’s bearings in the diversity of contemporary fashion, to obtain an image approach to the stylist's work, and to learn all the secrets of a stylish look. Not only stylists and image designers find these seminars worth attending. Everyone who asks the question "What's in fashion now?" will find them useful. In the chaos of modern styles and trends, Konstantin sees an orderly logical system. At the same time, he tells us about fashion as if recounting the plot of a detective story, a soap opera or a black comedy.

In 1999 Konstantin Bogomolov opened his Education Centre "Bogomolov' Image School" which became widely known in Latvia and abroad. The popularity of the school is based on the high level of professionalism acquired by its disciples – qualified image designers who become sought-after and successful specialists.

To become an image designer, one must have a broad education: explore the basics of image psychology, receive training on the composition of image, acquire associative design skills and master professional technology of image design in different specific areas. Konstantin Bogomolov has developed a unique educational program that covers all of these aspects – "IMAGE DESIGN". Today people seek to obtain a "Bogomolov' Image School" diploma not only in Latvia, but also in other countries in Europe and Asia.

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