PROJECT  "MAKEOVER at Bogomolov’ Image School"
Works by Konstantin Bogomolov’s students
Transforming the appearance and style of the clients, performed by the stylists of the International Education Centre "Bogomolov' Image School"
Image design: Evita Ormane ("Bogomolov’ Image School Riga", 2019)
Hairstyle: Evgenia Davidova (Pam Pam Studio, Riga)
Makeup: Tatyana Krupich
Photo: Natalie Berezina (White Studio, Riga)
Clothes and accessories: Stockmann, Pietro Filipi, Ivo Nikkolo, Parfois (Riga)
Project partner: Monika Centrum Hotels (Riga)




Tatyana, 43 years old, operator (Latvia, 2019)

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